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Auldern Academy Joins SavingTeens to Help a Teen

June 20, 2016 – SavingTeens is thrilled to welcome Auldern Academy to our distinguished team of partner programs. Auldern recently joined SavingTeens, along with educational consultant Kim Davis, to provide support to a struggling family. “Auldern Academy and Ms. Davis […]

Asking For Permission

VANESSA: When I first came home it was nerve racking and scary because I didn’t know what was going to happen next. But, I did know that I wasn’t going to be living in a structured place anymore. Lets just […]

Going Away & Coming Home

SAM: I went to boarding school a few months into my freshman year of high school, 2011. I was hurting more than I was helping…not only me, but my family as well. I grew up in a beautiful part of […]

How We Got Here

SavingTeens is proud to introduce our spring bloggers, Vanessa & Samantha.  Vanessa & Sam were roommates at a therapeutic boarding school in Michigan and are now sisters living in Connecticut after Vanessa’s mom adopted Sam.  They will be sharing their […]

SavingTeens Supports More Families in the New Year

We at SavingTeens are happy to report that we’ve funded two more families. Our new model of partnering with educational consultants, programs, and families allow us to help more struggling adolescents than ever before. Since re-opening to applications at the […]