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November 1, 2015

Dear Friends of SavingTeens;

As I complete my first calendar year as SavingTeens Executive Director, I’m very proud of the work we’ve accomplished. SavingTeens showed renewed vigor this year through increased partnerships, dedicated volunteers and pursuit of new opportunities. 2015 has been a transformative year and we’re not done yet!

Our new scholarship procedures led to an increased rate of funded families. We’re helping more families by matching them with amazing programs and utilizing SavingTeens funds to help fill financial gaps. Through referrals from qualified Educational Consultants, we’ve been able to offer SavingTeens funds and other support to 8 families since May 2015.

Increased generosity from our partner programs has ensured larger scholarships and more support to our funded families. Program scholarships have amounted to more than $100,000 in-kind gifts to SavingTeens families this year. The programs’ ability to support these families up to 100% of need helps usher more teens into successful interventions. These partnerships have allowed our donated funds to go further and support more families.

Dedicated volunteers, committed to the mission of SavingTeens, have expanded our reach. The SavingTeens Run For Their Lives in Seattle raised more than $20,000 for scholarships for at-risk teens. Three hundred participants gathered in Seattle to raise awareness about the needs of struggling teens and their families. We look forward to more events in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Massachusetts in the coming months.

The ground swell of support for SavingTeens is truly humbling. I’m so proud to be involved with this program as it grows and develops. The support of people like you allows us to make a difference in the lives of struggling teens and their families. Every gift, no matter how much, helps.  You can give online at: http://savingteens.org/make-a-donation/. 

Thank you for continuing to sustain and promote this important cause.

Carrie Weatherhead; LCSW

Executive Director


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