How to Help


As an individual, you can help SavingTeens by:

  • Give to SavingTeens:  Please consider SavingTeens for your philanthropic endeavors.  A gift to SavingTeens helps send more young people to therapeutic schools and programs.  A donation to SavingTeens in lieu of gifts or flowers can be a meaningful way to show your commitment to the cause.  Every gift will be acknowledged to both the donor and the honoree and is tax deductible.
    Donate Online
  • Plan a Fundraising Event:  Run or raise money in our honor, or plan an event of your own.  If you have a great idea for a fundraiser for SavingTeens, please contact Jennifer at:  We will assist by sending you promotional material and giving SavingTeens info for your event.
  • Spread the Word:  Tell your friends about SavingTeens and the important work that we do. Offer to volunteer at local SavingTeens events or fundraisers.  If you’d like to learn more about being an ambassador for SavingTeens please feel free to contact us.


As a  Therapeutic School or Program, you can collaborate With SavingTeens by:

  • Help Us Spread the Word:  Consider forwarding our Fundraising Letters and Newsletters on to your mailing lists.  Or, link SavingTeens to your website or social media.  Include a link to on your website, and in your emails and newsletters. Consider allowing SavingTeens to be a guest writer on your blog.  Let SavingTeens partner with you on this philanthropic endeavor.  Every donation that is given to SavingTeens is tax deductible.
  • Tell Your Families About SavingTeens:  Include graduation cards from SavingTeens upon each student’s graduation, or display SavingTeens information at your Parent Workshops. Simply let us know the type of material you need and we will promptly mail promotional material to you.  This is a simple way to let your families know about the good work that SavingTeens does.
  • Offer a Scholarship:  Help a SavingTeens family by partnering with us to fund a young person.  We will feature your organization as a SavingTeens collaborator, on our website, social media, and press releases.
  • Host a Special Event: Help raise funds for SavingTeens while participating in a community service activity.  An auction, a road race, or other activities can benefit SavingTeens. We will work in concert with you to assure the event is a success.  If you can’t organize your own event, please consider sponsoring one of our many events throughout the year.  View our upcoming events here:

Educational Consultant

As an Educational Consultant, you can collaborate With SavingTeens by:

Become a SavingTeens Ambassador.

This involves becoming knowledgeable about the organizations history and vision, and then actively participating in the following manner:

  • SavingTeens accepts referrals from qualified Educational Consultants.  Ambassadors are our first line of communication for scholarships and opportunities.
  • SavingTeens Ambassadors serve as liaisons and connectors between families and programs.
  • Ambassadors spread the word about SavingTeens to programs and families.  Please contact us to receive materials to disseminate on your visits.

Nominate and recruit colleagues who want to make a difference.

Share information about SavingTeens with other educational consultants and ask them to contact us about serve as Ambassadors. SavingTeens staff are always available to share our story and assist you in any way.

Spread the SavingTeens message:

  • Join our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter groups and encourage others to join:
  • Display information about SavingTeens at parent workshops. We would be pleased to provide printed collateral or signage for this purpose.
  • Include a link to on your website, and in your emails and newsletters.
  • Consider posting information about SavingTeens on your blog or social media outlets.