Our Stories – Seattle

Run for their Lives – Seattle participants share their stories of why they are committed to SavingTeens. To share your story, please send it to: kbrown@savingteens.org.

John’s Story

My story began with a very messy divorce and a son who went from being an honors student to a heroin addict in less than a year. Michael was the light of my life and when I found that out […]

Donelyn’s Story

In 2002 our 14 year old daughter’s anxiety and struggle with self-confidence masked an accelerating descent into depression. By 16 her behavior had become increasingly self-destructive, self-harming, dangerous and life-threatening.  Our hearts broke when we had to admit that we […]

Meagan’s Story

When my daughter was 18, I found out she had been smoking heroin for a year. All the signs that she was on drugs were the same as that of a moody teenager. But, the evidence was all around me; […]

Mary’s Story

I thought everything was turning around 4 years ago. We moved to a new neighborhood and the kids were starting new schools in the Fall, or at least that was my plan. Instead, my 15.5 year old daughter didn’t go […]