Job and Volunteer Postings

SavingTeens is looking for volunteers for the following committees.  These volunteers will work closely with SavingTeens Committee Chairs and Executive Director. If you are interested in volunteering for SavingTeens, please contact


  • Annual Report Publisher/Editor: Project manager to develop content and publish SavingTeens Annual Report at the conclusion of the fiscal year. Expected to identify resources for layout, graphics, and specific content elements.
  • Proofreader: Person not close to the SavingTeens communications content who can independently proofread key messages,
  • Social Media Editor: Manager of social media strategies and content. Includes Twitter, Facebook and email blasts.
  • Newsletter Editor/Publisher: Project manager to develop content and publish scheduled newsletters. Expected to produce layout, graphics, and specific content elements.
  • Webmaster: Website manager to ensure content is fresh, current, and compelling. Familiarity with WordPress a plus.

Scholarship Committee

  • Outcome Research: Great communicators to compile follow up information on clinical outcomes (via BestNotes) as well as to survey constituents on their evaluation of SavingTeens process (parents, programs, educational consultants).
  • Archivist: Detail oriented volunteers to delve into the archives in order to organize all of the past recipients of SavingTeens scholarships

Development Committee

  • Researcher / Strategist: Volunteers who are familiar with databases like LexisNexus, RainKing, and LinkedIn to do background on all past donors. Strategize on donor development.
  • Campaign Coordinator: Organized leader who will help coordinate various campaigns with various strata of previous donors.
  • Mailing Support: Groups to complete hard copy mailings. Twice a year, collate and produce mass mailings.
  • Mentors: Person who can mentor Development Committee in cultivating large donors.
  • Monthly Acknowledgement Assistant: Volunteer who can commit to mailing monthly letters to donors acknowledging their gifts for tax purposes.

Finance & Administration Committee

  • Assistant Treasurer: Volunteers who can help support any of the following activities: oversight of contract bookkeeper, review and approval of invoices prior to payment, review of quarterly financial statements with Board, review Form 990 prepared by tax accountant before filing, assist bookkeeper/outside accountant on audit/regulatory inquiries, help to develop/enhance existing written policies and procedures.
  • Technologist:  Individual with networking and/or general office automation experience in small organization settings.  Assist in evaluating technology needs in administration and program/scholarship activities, as well as policies/procedures around data security and backup.

Event Committee

  • Private and Volunteer Event Chairs: Volunteers who are excited to plan and implement their own SavingTeens Events or Fundraisers. People with great ideas to raise funds for SavingTeens with full support of the SavingTeens Event Committee.