Our Process

Many of the most difficult and heart-wrenching addiction and behavioral problems cannot be solved with short-term interventions that last a few weeks or months. Struggling teens need a long-term plan for recovery that includes extensive evaluation, intervention in the form of drug rehabilitation or a wilderness program, and education at a therapeutic boarding school.


SavingTeens In Crisis Collaborative’s unique focus is to provide this comprehensive, multi-phase solution.  Once a family is connected with a SavingTeens approved educational consultant, this consultant works with the family to develop the best course of treatment for the young person.  Once the plan is developed, SavingTeens volunteers work with the recommended program to negotiate the best scholarship or discount for the family.  In partnership with the program and the family, SavingTeens establishes a payment plan for services that includes: scholarship, family contribution, and SavingTeens funds.  For each family that we work with, we commit to 12-18 months of services including: consultation, advocacy and funds.

While our resources are limited, we invite your Educational Consultant to contact our Scholarship Committee. If the committee feels we may potentially be of help in any way, you will be contacted and asked to complete a detailed application and release forms.

For additional information contact us through our page.