Our Collaborators

The following consultants, programs and professionals donated in-kind services and scholarships to SavingTeens families.  In addition, some of the following have helped increase awareness about SavingTeens or have supported us in our fundraising efforts.


Harris Kramer
Myrna Harris
New York

Prepare To Bloom, LLC
Shayna Abraham, MA

Educational Directions, Inc.
Marilyn F. Engelman, Ph.D. & Matthew Hart

Loi Eberle

John Huie
North Carolina

RNG International Educational Consultants
Michelle Grappo

Academic Answers
Debbie Hopper & Shay Butts

Optimal Edu Options
Gail Curran

David Levin

Jeanne Hughes

Pathways Partners
Cynthia Cohen
New York

Pathways Education Planning
Mary Jo Barnett
North Carolina

Compass Educational Consulting
Judi Bessette, EdD

Denni David, Ltd.
Denni David, M.Ed, LPC

The Goldberg Center for Educational Planning
Leslie Goldberg, M.Ed, CEP
President and Educational Consultant

TAG Counseling
Tamara Ancona, MA, LPC, Member IECA

Vella Consulting Inc.
Lisa Vella
New York

Woodbury Reports, Inc.
Lon Woodbury MA, CEP, IECA


Vantage Point by Aspiro (2016)
Adolescence and young adulthood is a difficult time for even the most highly functioning person. Vantage Point by Aspiro is designed for individuals who face additional challenges as they grapple with a wide range of emotional, learning, neuro-developmental, psychological and behavioral difficulties.

John Dewey Academy (2014, 2016)
The John Dewey Academy provides an individualized and comprehensive education in a non-traditional therapeutic boarding school setting. The peer-based approach leads students to high levels of achievement and inspires them to develop in ways that promote self-respect, maturity, and respect for others. 100% of Dewey graduates matriculate at excellent four year colleges, and have for the thirty year history of the school.

Building Bridges (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2016)
Building Bridges was formed in 1996 to fill the need of those students who need a longer term option after having completed a wilderness program. Building Bridges builds upon and expands the skills and tools the student has just begun to learn and practice when graduating a wilderness program. Combining real world experiences with a strong support system, Building Bridges allows each student to practice and strengthen their skills in a safe environment.

Summit Preparatory School (2016)
The Summit Model™ provides a nurturing relationship-based developmental approach to helping teens get unstuck and back on track. This process begins immediately upon admission to Summit Preparatory School as students become actively engaged in therapeutic and recreational activities designed to promote healthy relationships with staff as soon as they can safely participate. These relationships provide students the encouragement and non-punitive professional support they need to develop new psychosocial maturity skills; and this process is also bolstered by expert academic and clinical interventions designed to mitigate and treat emotional, psychiatric, behavioral and/or learning problems.

Squaw Valley Academy (2016)
A SVA graduate is: An educated individual who has the motivation & skills to succeed in a challenging academic environment at the college level; A healthy individual who maintains a high level of physical fitness through participation in challenging life-long sports & adventure, thereby developing confidence, self-esteem, & a tolerance for adversity; A social individual who understands the value of community involvement, leadership, & personal responsibility.

The High Frontier (2015)
The mission of The High Frontier is to provide a positive environment for social learning, teaching care and concern for oneself and others through adherence to the Positive Peer Culture Treatment Model. Positive Peer Culture is the catalyst for systematically promoting social interest as the agent of change for young people experiencing academic, family, emotional, and or behavioral problems. The central position of this model is that young people can develop self worth, significance, dignity and responsibility only as they become committed to the positive values of helping and caring for others.

Sedona Sky Academy (2015)
Sedona Sky Academy is a specialized school exclusively for struggling girls ages 13 – 17. Sedona Sky is unique by offering the best of therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers. Sedona Sky is a place of healing, hope, trust, and leadership.  Young women and families heal and hope is restored.  Families and our young girls trust our experienced, exemplary staff and rely on the leading clinical programming we offer more than other therapeutic boarding schools.

Spring Ridge Academy (2015)
Spring Ridge Academy  utilizes a comprehensive approach to the therapeutic, academic, social & physical needs of each student and family. Through the utilization of a thorough, multi-faceted therapeutic program, a fully accredited and challenging college preparatory education and a supportive peer culture, they have created a community that encourages connection and growth.  Together with the extraordinary students, families and employees of SRA, a transformative experience is created that gives hope and an opportunity to heal.

Calo (2015)
Calo adopts a true relational-based treatment approach to create change from the inside out… heart first, & behavior second. They treat a very specific subset of the struggling teen & preteen population: they heal the effects of childhood trauma using an attachment paradigm. Emotionally unstable teens & preteens with a history of trauma & wounded in the areas of empathy, altruism, & relationship formation are our focus. Healing this damage requires that lasting change be created within the context of safe relationships, not by virtue of consequences & rewards.

Alpine Academy (2015)
Alpine Academy, founded in 2001, is a non-profit organization, owned by Utah Youth Village, founded in 1969. They are licensed as a residential treatment facility in the state of Utah and are certified as a non-public school. Treatment takes place in a family-style environment, which increases opportunities to realize and teach to maladaptive behaviors. This multi-dimensional strategy is a catalyst providing a nurturing, individualized, and strength-based treatment environment.

Bill Lane & Associates (2015)
Safe Therapeutic Transportation since 1992. Bill Lane & Associates (BL&A) has provided adolescents and young adults with safe transportation to treatment facilities for over 20 years. Thier mission is to improve therapeutic engagement by reducing anxiety and providing an emotionally and physically safe transition to treatment. Their exhaustive training, talented team, and therapeutic orientation set them apart from other transportation companies.

Trails – Carolina (2015)
Trails creates connections. Rooted in tradition, their team cultivates personalized experiences for youth and families through a modern transitional wilderness programs that teaches adaptability and resilience. As one of the leading wilderness programs for troubled youth, our values drive our day-to-day efforts to deliver on this our mission.

WinGate Wilderness Therapy (2014, 2015)
WinGate’s philosophy in the effective treatment of troubled teens is to create an environment of responsiveness while reducing the resistance the troubled teen has toward change, authority, and himself or herself.

Solstice East (2015)
Solstice East has grown out of many years of experience working with teenage girls in residential treatment. We have developed a clinically intensive program based on the specific needs of young women. Our philosophy is based upon our beliefs and experiences related to the creation of genuine, lasting change in female adolescents.

Second Nature Wilderness Program (2007, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2015)
Second Nature is nationally recognized as the leader in wilderness therapy. Second Nature was founded on the idea that struggling adolescents and their families deserve quality clinical treatment, combined with sensitivity and compassion.

Ashcreek Ranch Academy (2014)
Ashcreek Academy has designed a residential treatment center for effective therapeutic intervention for troubled boys. From the approach in therapy, to the classroom, to the daily schedule, everything they do is designed and structured to meet the emotional and behavioral needs of troubled boys.

Schrom Boy’s Home (2014)
Schrom Boys’ Home is located in the scenic Paradise Valley of Northern Idaho and is surrounded by the Cabinet, Purcell, and Selkirk Mountain ranges.  They understand the need for a structured, yet loving, environment fostering hope, belief in self, and interdependence. Their intimate family-style setting provides a safe and supportive atmosphere where the individual needs of students become most important.

Right Direction Crisis Intervention (2014)
Right Direction’s mission is to be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of those we serve.  Right Direction Crisis Intervention is an independent company dedicated to providing the highest quality crisis intervention and transport services to families in need, specializing in interventions, transports and runaway location investigations.

Montcalm School (2013)
Montcalm School is a nonprofit, therapeutic boarding and day school offering practical solutions for the families of struggling girls, ages 12-21, and boys, ages 12-28.  They rely on the principles of Starr Commonwealth, a nearly 100-year-old organization founded on a radical truth: There’s no such thing as a bad child.

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy (2013)
Open Sky assists teens, young adults and families struggling with difficult challenges and life circumstances. They provide a life-changing opportunity to discover and create a healthy life that is an intelligent and authentic expression of one’s true nature as capable, worthy, honorable people.

Aspen Ranch (2007, 2008, 2011)
Aspen Ranch was a licensed adolescent residential treatment center for troubled teens located in rural Loa, Utah, about three hours south of Salt Lake City.  For more information on Aspen Programs; please link below:

Visions Treatment Center (2010)
Visions believes teen recovery from chemical dependency, addictive behaviors and psychological disorders is a life-long process. Visions teaches their residents the necessary skills required for on-going self-care and recovery including direct involvement in 12-step community based programs.

Stone Mountain School (2008, 2009)
Stone Mountain boarding school for boys was a long-term residential school in an outdoors environment that was geared to help families of boys with emotional issues or behavioral problems.  For more information on Aspen Programs; please link below:

Viewpoint Center: formerly The Aspen Institute (2008)
The Viewpoint Center is a unique resource for parents and professionals in assisting to bring clarity of diagnosis and optimal intervention options.

Homeward Bound (2008)
Homeward Bound provides a range of customizable programs to help families receiving a teen back into the home, families in transition, or those families currently experiencing crisis.

Vision Adolescent Services (2008)
Vision Adolescent Services, Inc. is a child escort service providing professional assistance at a difficult time. Founded by John Haywood, Vision is a family of caring and understanding people who have firsthand knowledge and understanding of what your child is going through.

BestNotes (2012-2014)
BestNotes is a HIPAA compliant Customer Relationship Management and Electronic Health Record database system specifically designed for the behavioral health industry.


Our volunteers and partners have joined forces with SavingTeens In Crisis Collaborative to increase awareness about SavingTeens or have supported us in our fundraising efforts.

Tamara Ancona – TAG Counseling; Annual Event Chair
Lori Armbruster – Pacific Quest; Annual Event Chair
Leslie Goldberg – The Goldberg Center; Annual Event Chair
Liz McGhee – Sandhill Center; Annual Event Chair
Beth Ragland – Greenbriar Academy; Annual Event Chair
Jan Rao – Willows in the Wind