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SavingTeens Supports More Families in the New Year

We at SavingTeens are happy to report that we’ve funded two more families. Our new model of partnering with educational consultants, programs, and families allow us to help more struggling adolescents than ever before. Since re-opening to applications at the end of April 2015, we have been able to offer help to 14 families and have worked with educational consultants from all across the United States.

Debbie Hopper, RD and Sedona Sky worked with SavingTeens to provide generous scholarships and discounts to a16 year-old young woman from California.  After two stays at a wilderness program, and a failed attempt at intensive outpatient therapy, Debbie and the parents realized this young woman desperately needed longer term residential treatment.  SavingTeens scholarship funding, combined with deep discounts from Sedona Sky, and pro bono support from Debbie Hopper, made it possible for this young woman’s mother to afford the care her daughter needs.

Through the SavingTeens Thomas Bratter Scholarship Fund, we also supported the enrollment of a 17 year-old boy from Kentucky at John Dewey Academy.  Educational Consultant John Huie, PhD referred this young man to SavingTeens as he transitioned from wilderness to a longer-term placement, because of a long history of self-mutilation and suicidal ideation.  John Dewey Academy’s generous scholarship, along with SavingTeens funds, and Dr. Huie’s pro bono efforts, made the placement possible for this bright young man and his family. Dr. Huie states:

“In particular, I wish to thank [the SavingTeens Scholarship Committee] with whom I coordinated recently to secure funding that enabled a family in need to place their son in a highly effective, appropriate therapeutic program. Dr. Sinsheimer was extremely generous with her time and patient with the parents and me. The end result is that a very depressed young man whose family has limited resources is now moving forward on the path of health.”

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