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How We Got Here

image1SavingTeens is proud to introduce our spring bloggers, Vanessa & Samantha.  Vanessa & Sam were roommates at a therapeutic boarding school in Michigan and are now sisters living in Connecticut after Vanessa’s mom adopted Sam.  They will be sharing their story with you in bimonthly installments.  Enjoy!

SAM: We were asked to create a blog for you: parents, students, ed consultants & everyone else!! Whether you are at a school, a parent, a friend, or just curious about what life is like before, during, & after a therapeutic boarding school setting: THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU!!!

VANESSA: Before I was involved with SavingTeens I was a completely different person. I knew I really wasn’t the greatest person to be around. I was angry a lot of the time. I really didn’t like any type of affection & I always avoided eye contact. This made it very difficult for people to connect with me. Also, I was very manipulative: I stole, lied & engaged in self-injurious activities. This made it difficult for me to form relationships with others.

SAM: When I first arrived at therapeutic boarding school, I had been struggling with lying, stealing, manipulation, risky sexual behaviors, defiance, authority issues, substance-abuse, & intense trust issues. It took six months for me to open up to my therapist & be honest about how I was feeling: my guilt toward my parents & extended family for acting out, & accept the fact that, “I’m gonna’ be here until I decide to change my mindset.” Therapeutic boarding school was the biggest turning point in my life & I can say, absolutely 100%, saved my life.

VANESSA: SavingTeens assisted me in getting the help I needed by finding the right place for me. My therapeutic boarding school helped me with: opening up, developing my social skills, being honest, gaining more confidence in myself, building relationships, & talking about my feelings. Without their help I wouldn’t be where I am today.

SAM: We are going to blog about important topics around our therapeutic care: our stories & what helped us through boarding school & at home after we returned, making healthy friends in the “real-world”, responsibilities in our families, & returning back home after care. We hope you enjoy our story.

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