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Old Friends Are The Best Friends: SavingTeens & Building Bridges

Building Bridges, a program run by the Fairbanks family in Thompson Falls, Montana, was an early partner of SavingTeens in Crisis Collaborative (SavingTeens). Building Bridges funded one of our earliest scholarship recipients six years ago.

Throughout the years, Building Bridges has continued to support our efforts by offering scholarships and sponsorships of our charitable events. We deeply appreciate the philanthropic commitment of the Fairbanks, and we are thrilled to announce yet another collaborative effort to assist a family in need.

Referred by Shayna Abraham of Prepare to Bloom, the young man needed a long-term residential placement after two wilderness stays. Shayna’s generosity and commitment to this student and his family led them to SavingTeens and ultimately to Building Bridges, where he was offered a substantial scholarship. SavingTeens contributed a cash scholarship as well.

The parents are incredibly grateful for this support. They stated, “Thank you from the bottom of [our] hearts. It has been so good to cry tears of joy. Absolutely nothing can compare with the absolute relief and joy in knowing [our son] has a chance to continue his recovery in a safe and uplifting environment.”

About SavingTeens: SavingTeens is a philanthropic organization dedicated to assisting troubled teens and their families struggling with significant emotional and behavioral challenges including anxiety, depressions, addictions and other risky behaviors. Working in close collaboration with the therapeutic community, SavingTeens provides financial and other support to families of teens in crisis. www.savingteens.org

About Building Bridges: Building Bridges was formed in 1996 to fill the need of those students who need a longer term option after having completed a wilderness program. Building Bridges builds upon and expands the skills and tools the student has just begun to learn and practice when graduating a wilderness program. Combining real world experiences with a strong support system, Building Bridges allows each student to practice and strengthen their skills in a safe environment. www.buildingbridgesinc.net

About Prepare to Bloom: Prepare To Bloom is a San Francisco Bay Area based consulting firm devoted to helping families make good therapeutic and educational choices. They were founded in the spring of 2011 bringing years of knowledge, experience, and expertise to help make a decision that is well informed and wise… a decision that will best enable an adolescent or young adult to grow to their full potential. www.preparetobloom.com

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