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SavingTeens and The John Dewey Academy Work Together to Help a Family

June 8th, 2016 – SavingTeens is pleased to announce the funding of another student through our Thomas Bratter Scholarship Fund.

Referred by Myrna Harris (www.harriskramer.com), who worked pro bono, this student also received a generous scholarship from The John Dewey Academy, enabling her to enroll earlier this week. Ms. Harris expressed her appreciation for the partnership, saying,

“I would like to thank SavingTeens and John Dewey for the gift you have offered to [this family] … This young lady will make the most of this opportunity and show her gratitude in her effort, maturation and evolution as a student and young woman. I hope JDA is able to help [the mom] along her journey as well.  She has worked incredibly hard for her daughter and now perhaps she can take this time to invest in her own self and opportunities for growth.”

SavingTeens is excited to be part of helping this very bright young woman turn her life around. Her academic potential is great, and learning to use rather than abuse that potential is one of the primary goals of her treatment.

About The John Dewey Academy The John Dewey Academy provides an individualized and comprehensive education in a non-traditional therapeutic boarding school setting. Students are bright, troubled adolescents with a history of self-defeating or self-destructive choices. The peer-based approach leads students to high levels of achievement and inspires them to develop in ways that promote self-respect, maturity, and respect for others. www.jda.org

About SavingTeens SavingTeens is a philanthropic organization dedicated to assisting troubled teens and their families struggling with significant emotional and behavioral challenges including anxiety, depressions, addictions and other risky behaviors. Working in close collaboration with the therapeutic community, SavingTeens provides financial and other support to families of teens in crisis. www.savingteens.org

To learn more about SavingTeens, or to donate the any of our funds, please visit:  www.savingteens.org

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