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SavingTeens Announces Dramatic Changes for Educational Consultants & Programs

SavingTeens is pleased to announce that we are making sweeping changes in our scholarship process. We have listened to your concerns and have addressed our process. We look forward to sharing all the details with you at the SavingTeens Celebration Dinner February 4th at the NATSAP Conference in Nashville. As a preview, here are highlights of the changes we will be implementing when we reopen our application process.

  • In the future, we will only accept referrals from Educational Consultants. We will no longer be accepting on-line applications. This should better qualify applicant families and avoid unnecessary disappointment.
  • Thanks to a generous donation from BestNotes, we are transitioning our Application to a BestNotes template. This will allow us to streamline our process, and better communicate the status of applications to families.
  • We are adopting a cooperative model in which educational consultants, programs, and SavingTeens collaborate by providing discount services, scholarships, and funds. We will continue to expect a family financial contribution so that all involved are vested in the process. Our two most recent scholarships were awarded using this model, including the inaugural Bratter Fund scholarship awarded just last month.

We recognize that, in the past, partnering with our organization has been frustrating; this restructuring will address the major issues causing that frustration.

We are excited to discuss these changes with you in Nashville this February. Your participation in the fundraising, and your attendance at the charity event, will contribute to our collective success in helping families in need.

If you have any questions about our new application process, please contact our Program Committee Chair, Lisa Sinsheimer, MD at lsinsheimer@savingteens.org or at 917-597-7814.

6 Responses to SavingTeens Announces Dramatic Changes for Educational Consultants & Programs

  1. I just want to clarify how your application process works. I have to take my child to be seen by one of the psychologists or psychiatrists provided in your list, and if that person determines that my child would benefit from your program then they will refer my child to your program. Once that has been done, if it is determined that it would be beneficial for my child, then I will be provided with an application or contacted by your program. Is that correct?

  2. I do not have an educational consultant my kid has been unenrolled from our local school district because he brings their numbers down. How exactly does one obtain an educational consultant in this situation?

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