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SavingTeens and Second Nature Entrada & Cascades Partner to Help More Struggling Teens

In honor of Entrada’s 10-year Anniversary, Second Nature Entrada and Cascades has partnered with SavingTeens to offer five (5) scholarships constituting 65% of tuition.  SavingTeens continues to be grateful for this partnership.

Second Nature Entrada & Cascades have long been partners with SavingTeens.  As both Entrada and SavingTeens move into their second decade, this partnership is solidified with these generous donations.  John Reuben, founder of SavingTeens, states, “Generous scholarships from programs, such as Second Nature Entrada & Cascades, allows SavingTeens to fund more struggling teens every year.  Support like this ensures our success in helping these families.”

In 2014, SavingTeens partnerships allowed them to fund four young people through their treatment journey.  Second Nature Entrada & Cascades joins a long list of collaborators that help SavingTeens achieve our mission to support families

with financial limitations as they complete the therapeutic programs that they desperately need, but may not be able to afford.

About Second Nature Entrada & Cascades Second Nature Entrada & Cascades is a leader in the wilderness therapy field as and they are founded on the idea that troubled teens and their families deserve quality clinical treatment, combined with sensitivity and compassion.

About SavingTeens SavingTeens In Crisis Collaborative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in 2004 to assist troubled teens and their families struggling with substance abuse and other emotional issues.

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