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SavingTeens Awards Their First Thomas E. Bratter Scholarship

December 29, 2014 – SavingTeens is pleased to announce our first Thomas E. Bratter Scholar. Though a scholarship from John Dewey Academy (JDA) and the generous support of SavingTeens donors, we were able to help this young woman enroll at JDA and take the first step towards wellness that will lead to high school graduation and college matriculation.

Her aunt and uncle, who served as her guardians until she turned 18, took in the student, orphaned during high school. Struggling with adolescence and the death of her parents, she was rapidly traveling down the wrong path. After years of attempts to help her with more conventional (but ultimately unhelpful) interventions, her guardians reached out to SavingTeens for their support. Even with a generous scholarship awarded by JDA and continued generous support from her extended family, a gap remained. The SavingTeens’ Thomas E. Bratter Scholarship Fund was able to help close this gap.

In 2014, SavingTeens in Crisis Collaborative (SavingTeens) established the Thomas E. Bratter Scholarship Fund, a fund initially financed by a donation from a charitable organization formed by friends, family and alumni of the John Dewey Academy. The Bratter Scholarship Fund, administered by SavingTeens, focuses on supporting bright but troubled teens to attend top college preparatory therapeutic boarding schools with a strong emphasis on quality academics and a track record of sending their typical graduates to quality four year colleges.

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