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SavingTeens Partners With Wingate to Support an At-Risk Teen

May 27, 2015 – SavingTeens in Crisis Collaborative (SavingTeens) is proud to announce another scholarship.  Through the support of our collaborative partners we connected another family with appropriate support for their teen.

The young man was referred to SavingTeens through the sharply discounted support of Dr. Judi Bessette, an educational consultant and SavingTeens Advisory Board member.  The fifteen year old is struggling with behavioral, social, and emotional difficulties. These include poor impulse control, defiance and anger, drug use, screen addictions, and poor relationships with both peers and family.

SavingTeens and Wingate Wilderness Therapy are supporting this family with a generous scholarship.  Shane Gallagher, Executive Director of Wingate, states, “We at WinGate are happy that we are able to provide scholarships for those in need who couldn’t otherwise afford the services we offer. We appreciate the opportunity to do so in conjunction with SavingTeens.” Realizing that this family will need additional support for their child after his wilderness stay, this scholarship will allow the family to mete out their personal finances over the entire therapeutic process.

These collaborations allow SavingTeens to provide support to struggling families by combining scholarships from our partner programs with financial gifts from our donors. Because these funding efforts require a true community effort, we remain deeply thankful for the continued generosity of the therapeutic community and our donors.

For more information on our efforts, or to partner with SavingTeens, please contact us at:  c.weatherhead@savingteens.org.

About Wingate Wilderness Therapy: At WinGate, the philosophy is to create an environment of responsiveness while reducing the resistance the troubled teen has toward change, authority, and himself or herself.  WinGate staff believe in cooperation rather than confrontation. Their nurturing yet challenging environment allows students to grow, gain perspective, and attain a new level of maturity as they address their specific behavioral issues and problems.

About SavingTeens SavingTeens In Crisis Collaborative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in April  2004 to assist troubled teens and their families struggling with substance abuse and other emotional issues.

Learn more at www.savingteens.org, or contact Carrie Weatherhead, LCSW; Director of Development, 617-605-5827, c.weatherhead@savingteens.org.

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