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June 2015

Dear Friends,

Ten years ago I had an epiphany around the difficulties of raising a troubled teen. As a parent, the interventions I accessed, including wilderness programming, therapeutic boarding schools, and after care really did work. In parallel it became clear that this level of care was not accessible to the vast majority of struggling families.

Subsequently I attended an Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA) conference and enlisted the help of some caring professionals to collaborate to try and make a difference. We started SavingTeens to provide scholarships and support for those families who need a comprehensive solution for their children but do not have the funds necessary to access the care they need. I would be remiss if I did not thank these educational consultants, program leadership, and parents that are the foundation of SavingTeens.

SavingTeens In Crisis Collaborative (SavingTeens) growth can only truly be measured by the number of families we have helped. All of us at SavingTeens are motivated to do even better because the need for financial support for these families is overwhelming. Our primary source of support is and always has been the generosity of industry professionals, volunteers, and philanthropic donors. As we move forward we are constantly looking for more effective ways to transfer that kindness to young people on the road to recovery, and best leverage your valuable time, donations, and scholarships.

Ten years is a long time. Some of our “kids” are now parents themselves! A great deal has transpired for all of us, a great deal has changed, for all of us. But some things haven’t. All of you in this community are still giving, caring, people and that is so evident in my interactions with you. Your love for these kids and their families are the fuel that drives SavingTeens.

Looking ahead, the number of families in need remains incredibly large. For that reason we continue to ask for more support. Whether you are a long time supporter, or just learning about SavingTeens, you can make a difference. Your time, your donation, your services, we need them all and the more the better. Our promise to you is that we will do everything within our power to best utilize what you are so kindly providing.  Please click here to give.

Thank you all for everything you have given us over the last ten years. On a personal level I am overwhelmed by how much working with all of you has meant to all of us at SavingTeens.

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John Reuben
President of SavingTeens

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