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Parenting Choices for Struggling Teens

Learning To Live Again: One Girl’s Journey Toward Recovery 

Emily is a recent graduate of a Wilderness Therapy program and a Therapeutic Boarding School.  She shared her story about the negative choices she was making that caused her parents to decide on a residential intervention.  She emphasized that contrary to negative stories, everyone – including the transport officials, wilderness staff and boarding school staff treated her very well, making her for maybe the first time in her life feel guilty about how poorly she treated them.  More importantly, she feels that that experience has given her a second chance for a good life, one that she intends to take full advantage of. 

Carrie Weatherhead shared how SavingTeens partners with wilderness and therapeutic program professionals to provide scholarships and support to families with financial limitations as they complete the therapeutic programs that they desperately need, but may not be able to afford.


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