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SavingTeens and Partners Support Another Struggling Teen

September 5, 2014 – SavingTeens in Crisis Collaborative (SavingTeens) is proud to announce our most recent scholarship.  Through the support of collaborative partners and generous donations we were able to help another family find support for their teen.

Through her generous pro-bono support, Dr. Judi Bessette of Compass Educational Consulting worked with the family to find the right program for their son.  The fifteen year old from Connecticut, was struggling with worsening substance abuse, angry defiance in the home, and school failure.  For Dr. Bessette, helping SavingTeens is personal,

“With both professional and personal experience with troubled teen, as a therapeutic educational consultant and a mom of a struggling young man, I know the need first-hand.  Having to tell a frantic parent that I can’t help them because they don’t have the resources necessary to pay for treatment is one of the hardest things I have to do.  I am delighted to volunteer my services to the families SavingTeens is able to help.”

Second Nature, a long standing partner with SavingTeens, provided a scholarship to Second Nature Cascades.  And, with a generous discount from Right Directions, the young man successfully arrived in Oregon.  These arrangements, coupled with SavingTeens’ funds and the family’s contribution allowed this young man to start his journey to recovery.

SavingTeens collaborations allow us to offer support to troubled young people.  Without the generous scholarships and donations of our partners, the cost of helping a child would be prohibitively expensive.  Please visit our website to learn more about SavingTeens Collaborations (www.savingteens.org/collaborations) and please contact us if you are interested in working with SavingTeens.

About Compass Educational Consulting Founded in 2003 Compass Educational Consulting helps families find solutions for troubled teens and young adults…young people dealing with emotional problems, behavioral issues and/or learning differences

About Second Nature Second Nature was founded on the idea that struggling adolescents and their families deserve quality clinical treatment, combined with sensitivity and compassion.

About Right Directions Crisis Intervention Right Directions is an independent company dedicated to providing the highest quality crisis intervention and transport services to families in need, specializing in interventions, transports and runaway location investigations.

About SavingTeens SavingTeens In Crisis Collaborative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in April of 2004 to assist troubled teens and their families struggling with substance abuse and other emotional issues.

Learn more at www.savingteens.org, or contact Carrie Weatherhead, LCSW; Director of Development, 617-605-5827, c.weatherhead@savingteens.org.

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