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Meet Mary & Meagan – Our Seattle Race Organizers

Mary and Meagan contacted SavingTeens with a great idea.  As mothers of struggling teens, they wanted to raise awareness about teen addiction and depression and help raise funds for families like theirs.  They’re organizing the first Seattle Run for Their Lives – 5K on November 1st, 2015 in Green Lake, WA.  All proceeds raised through the race will help families access therapeutic programs through SavingTeens.  To register for the race, donate, or sponsor, please visit the race website at: http://savingteens.org/events/run-for-their-lives-5k-seattle/

To learn more about SavingTeens or the Run for Their Lives, or to find ways to help in your community, please contact: Carrie Weatherhead at c.weatherhead@savingteens.org

10475260_10204093170227412_588631161003430280_nMary’s story:  I thought everything was turning around 4 years ago.  We moved to a new neighborhood and the kids were starting new schools in the Fall, or at least that was my plan.  Instead, my 15.5 year old daughter didn’t go to that beautiful new school for her Freshman year.  She started there, but began skipping school the first week and by October wasn’t going at all.  I was desperate and didn’t know how to reach her or help her.

She was self-harming, depressed and using. 

We found a treatment center in Portland and we checked her in.  Her counselor informed me after a few weeks that she needed long-term treatment and suggested I start looking at options.  As a single mom, I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to turn or what to look for or how I’d pay for long term treatment.  I found SavingTeens during one of my many sleepless nights of internet searches.  I wasn’t able to apply for a scholarship for my daughter through SavingTeens because she was already in treatment, but I decided at that time that I wanted to help SavingTeens help other families when I could.  She spent a total of 19.5 months in treatment before coming home and attending a sober high school in Bellevue, WA.  I’m so grateful to all the people who help her and our family during the treatment process.

I want to help as many families as possible get the help and support SavingTeens offers, so NOT ONE MORE family has to suffer through this alone.  When a teen is in crisis, the whole family is in crisis and needs help and SavingTeens works as a collaboration to give them the resources and support they need to turn their lives around.  I’m grateful to be able to help support SavingTeens and raise money to help at-risk youth get a chance to start over!

10402634_10152381676786749_4101161653649429905_nMeagan’s Story: When my daughter was 18, I found out she had been smoking heroin for a year. All the signs that she was on drugs were the same as that of a moody teenager. But, the evidence was all around me; I just had no idea what to look for.  After finding out, I quickly sent her to treatment. We didn’t have insurance, so it was a state program. I was incredibly grateful for being able to get her in so quickly.

Never in a million years did I think I would drop my perfect daughter off at a drug rehab. It was a 28 day program. I thought she was cured! Then came the relapse, after relapse, after relapse. I was completely naive of how addiction works. Now, with good health insurance. She has finished 4 out of 5 treatment programs. One was even 90 days.

I thought this would be over already. I thought our life would be calm, peaceful & serene. I finally started reaching out, learning & educating myself. My daughter is sick & so am I. I want nothing more than to save her from herself, but I can’t. I have learned I can only love her for who she is, sick or not. 

I knew more people felt as helpless as I did. I needed to do more. To educate people on addiction; on the epidemic of heroin that is happening all around us. To learn to hate the disease but love the addict. So, I kept searching for things, but nothing really came up. Then I saw a post from Mary about putting together a 5k for SavingTeens. In all honesty, I didn’t know a thing about the organization or what they did. I just knew I needed to do this to start me on my way. I needed a reason to start the conversation on addiction. On a selfish level I also wanted my daughter see me fight for other people’s lives, maybe then she would start to fight for hers. If I had found SavingTeens when she was still a teen, maybe, just maybe, this would be different for my family. But we still soldier on & hold on to hope.

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