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SavingTeens Scholarship Update


SavingTeens is proud to share that three students and their families are currently benefitting from the SavingTeens General Fund.  As our application pool has grown, we are challenged to fund new families while keeping our commitment to our current families.  In fact, as of July 1, we have fully allocated our available funds for 2014.  Therefore we will be suspending our General Fund applications until we raise additional monies for new scholarships.   We remain deeply grateful to our partners who have supplied pro bono services, as these services allow our dollars to stretch further and help more troubled teens.

Although our General Fund is not soliciting applications, the new Thomas E. Bratter Scholarship Fund remains available.  As a reminder, the legal parameters of this gift directs the fund for need-based scholarships to college preparatory therapeutic boarding schools for bright but troubled teens with a strong emphasis on quality academics and track record of sending their typical graduates to quality four year colleges.  For each recipient, we strive to develop a combination of family contribution, scholarship or discount from the school, and financial aid from SavingTeens (the same model as our General Fund).  This framework allows us to maximize the number of students we can help in any given year.

Due to the parameters of the Bratter Fund, we are asking educational consultants and wilderness programs to make referrals to SavingTeens directly. If you know of an appropriate family, please contact the Chair of our Program Committee, Lisa Sinsheimer, MD, to submit an application to this special fund(lsinsheimer@savingteens.org

In other news from SavingTeens, we are excited to share that our newest Board members have accepted leadership roles. Pavan Surapaneni will be serving as Board Secretary, and Lisa Sinsheimer will chair the Program Committee. 

As SavingTeens enters its second decade of serving families, we are aiming for greater efficiency and transparency, as well as looking to expand our partnerships so that we may serve more families. Our dedication to this mission remains steadfast and unwavering, and our long-time Board of Directors and Advisory Board continue to devote themselves with a deep passion for our cause.   John Reuben, Rich McKinless, Les Mann, Marilyn Engelman, Grant Leibersberger, Lon Woodbury, Theresa Wing Hines and Jodi Liston join our newest members, Lisa & Pavan on our Board of Directors.  Our Advisory Board consists of: Adam Goldberg, Leslie Goldberg, Tamara Ancona, Angie Shockley, James Dredge, & Lori Ambruster.

If you are interested in learning more about SavingTeens, or to contribute to our General Fund or Thomas E. Bratter Fund, please visit our website:  www.savingteens.org


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