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SavingTeens Announces Creation of Thomas E. Bratter Scholarship Fund to Support its Mission of Serving Families in Need

SavingTeens in Crisis Collaborative (SavingTeens) has established the Thomas E. Bratter Scholarship Fund, a new fund initially financed by a donation of more than $450,000 from a not-for-profit company formed by friends, family and alumni of the John Dewey Academy. The Bratter Scholarships, administered by SavingTeens, will focus on supporting bright but troubled teens attending college preparatory therapeutic boarding schools with a strong emphasis on quality academics and a track record of sending their typical graduates to quality four year colleges.

Funding included a gift of $30,000 donated in memory of Gabrielle Van Kennen Meerbergen and Wesley Alexander MacCready, two beloved Honors graduates of the Academy. The remainder of the funds were donated in recognition of the late Thomas E. Bratter and in support of his vision of helping bright but troubled teens use their potential to build a life of integrity and achievement.

SavingTeens, founded in 2004, has assisted troubled teens and their families struggling with substance abuse and other emotional issues. SavingTeens collaborates with pro-bono educational consultants, therapeutic schools and programs, and has enabled dozens of families to access therapeutic schools and programs they could not otherwise afford.

“The establishment of the Bratter Scholarship Fund significantly expands the impact of SavingTeens, providing extensive support specifically for access to college preparatory therapeutic boarding schools,” explained John Reuben, Founder and President of SavingTeens. “At the same time, it remains consistent with our broader mission of providing assistance to families with struggling adolescents who would not otherwise be able to afford the appropriate intervention or school.”

In addition to establishing the Bratter Scholarship Fund, SavingTeens announced that two new board members affiliated with the donor have joined the SavingTeens Board of Directors. Lisa Sinsheimer, MD, a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, and Pavan Surapaneni, an attorney, will contribute both professional expertise and personal experience to the SavingTeens Board. “We are thrilled to have Lisa and Pavan bring their talent and dedication to our Board of Directors,” commented John Reuben.

4 Responses to SavingTeens Announces Creation of Thomas E. Bratter Scholarship Fund to Support its Mission of Serving Families in Need

  1. Please, I need help with my eleven year old boys, before he does something that will destroy his life. 425-652-6089
    245 SW Clark ST. D-8, Issaquah, WA 98027

  2. My husband and I are in dire need in helping our smart, beautiful, talented, 16 yr old daughter to find her self worth and happiness again. Sky has been struggling with self harm behavior for over 5 years. Her father and I have had Sky in therapy for 4 yrs. Sky is a very smart young lady and manipulates her therapist, and us. We have come to the reality that because we love Sky soooo much that we must send her to a therapeutic boarding school where she can get the care and education we so much wanted to provide. Doing my research, I have sadly found that ins does not care about their future leaders. They only provide financial help for the drugs that the Pysc prescribes. My husband and I will do anything to get help for our daughter. Asking for begging for help is something I never thought would be one of those things. We have two other fantastic kids at home who want their sister well, because they too know how much Sky deserves to exhale and live life happy. PLEASE anything will help. I have been calling different places and the ones that fit her the best are the ones that want 7,600 a month and 9,600 a month. I will feed my family roman noodles everyday (they would love that) and I plan on getting another job. Any advice too would help. thank you for listening

  3. How do I qualify for help. My amazing brilliant talented daughter is floundering. We have so limited resources. No financial ability to afford the extensive care she needs. Any suggestion I will take!

  4. How can I get the help from this scholarship for my trouble son. I am a single mom with two teenagers. Please let me know. Thanks millions

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