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Ways Educational Consultants Collaborate

Become a member of Saving Teens educational consultant outreach committee.

This involves becoming knowledgeable about the organizations history and vision, and then actively participating in the following manner:

  • Share your visit itinerary in advance of travel with Saving Teens
  • Introductory letter with information about consultant’s role and Saving Teens will be sent on your behalf.
  • During visit discuss the good work of Saving Teens, the relationship we now have with NATSAP, and ways other programs are helping.
  • Leave example of graduation card.Return brief feedback form when completed, to assist in follow up with school.


Consultants are kept up to date on all outcomes from their outreach.


Nominate and recruit colleagues who want to make a difference:

Share information about Saving Teens with other educational consultants and ask them to contact us about serving on the outreach committee. Let us know who they are.


Spread the Saving Teens message:

Join our Face book, LinkedIn and Twitter groups and encourage others to join.
Facebook: www.facebook.com
Linked In: www.linkedin.com

Display information about Saving Teens at parent workshops. We would be pleased to provide printed collateral or signage for this purpose. Include a link to www.savingteens.org on your website, and in your emails and newsletters.

Consider posting information about Saving Teens on your blog.

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