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Ways Educational Consultants Collaborate

Become a member of SavingTeens’ educational consultant outreach committee.  This involves becoming knowledgeable about the organization’s history and vision, and then actively participating in the following manner:
  • Share your visit itinerary in advance of travel with Ann Tomassini, our Director of Development
  • Introductory letter with information about consultant’s role and SavingTeens will be sent on your behalf.
  • During visit discuss the good work of SavingTeens, the relationship we now have with NATSAP, and ways other programs are helping.  Leave example of graduation card.
  • Return brief feedback form when completed, to assist in follow up with school.  
  • Consultants are kept up to date on all outcomes from their outreach.

Nominate and recruit colleagues who want to make a difference:

  • Share information about SavingTeens with other educational consultants and ask them to contact us about serving on the outreach committee.  Let us know who they are.

Spread the SavingTeens message:

  • Join our Face book, LinkedIn and Twitter groups and encourage others to join.
  • Display information about SavingTeens at parent workshops.  We would be pleased to provide printed collateral or signage for this purpose.
  • Include a link to www.savingteens.org on your website, and in your emails and newsletters.  Consider posting information about SavingTeens on your blog

Contact Ann Tomassini at 877-249-1336 or atomassini@savingteens.org for more information.

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