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Team Effort Helps Another Family

SavingTeens Partners with Bill Lane & Associates

September 21, 2015 – SavingTeens is proud to announce our most recent partnership with Bill Lane and Associates.  Through a generous scholarship from BL&A, we have been able to usher a young man to his first steps towards wellness.

The young man was struggling at his home and was rapidly deteriorating.  Cynthia Cohen, Educational Consultant, referred this family to SavingTeens.  After receiving a generous scholarship at Open Sky, the family was ready to take the daunting step towards wilderness programming for their son, but they were concerned with transporting this young man as they believed he would not be willing to go on his own.  And, yet, they knew that they were at their financial limits for this intervention. 

SavingTeens and Bill Lane and Associates worked together to fund the transportation portion of this young man’s treatment.  He is now safely at Open Sky and making positive strides towards his recovery.

Carrie Weatherhead, Executive Director of SavingTeens, states: “I’m so impressed with the willingness of the entire therapeutic care community to work together to save a child.  By partnering with each aspect of care we are able to provide a true safety net for families who need therapeutic care but might not be able to afford it.  The generosity of this community is truly transformative”

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