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Students at Chamberlain International School build 1965 Shelby Cobra Replica , Sold in a Charity Auction

SavingTeens in Crisis Collaborative and Guardian Angel Motorsports are pleased to announce the spectacular success of their recent charity auction. The two groups worked in collaboration with Chamberlain International School to auction a replica 1965 Shelby Cobra built by students in the Chamberlain automotive career program.

The funds raised will help to fund the intensive programs that have been shown to help teenagers and families in crisis. These programs include long-term stays in residential therapeutic schools like Chamberlain, as well as group and one-on-one therapy, career counseling, and wilderness encounters that take kids away from negative influences and challenge them to stand on their own in constructive ways.

Although these are effective interventions, they are not cheap. SavingTeens, Guardian Angel Motorsports, and the Chamberlain International School are dedicated to making them affordable for as many families as possible.

About the Auction Sponsors:
SavingTeens works with families, schools, care-givers and other organizations to help teens in crisis receive the support and treatment they need, regardless of ability to pay. http://savingteens.org/

Founded by race drivers and motorsports enthusiasts, Guardian Angel Motorsports harnesses the enthusiasm generated by motorsports to raise money for children’s charities. http://www.guardianangelmotorsports.com/

 Chamberlain International School, located in Middleboro, MA, serves students ages 11 to 20 with a range of emotional and learning challenges. In addition to a rigorous and individualized academic program, the school offers hands-on automotive and aviation career training that helps them build both confidence and skills. http://www.chamberlainschool.org/

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