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SavingTeens Family Update

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SavingTeens is happy to share that our most recent scholarship recipient is doing well.  After a stay at WinGate Wilderness Therapy he has recently moved on to Schrom Boys’ Home.  Pro-bono Education Consultant, Denni David continues to work closely with this family.  Without generous scholarships, discounts and donations from all parties; SavingTeens could not help this young man.  It is these philanthropic partnerships that helps our families access the support they need.  Please enjoy this update from the mother of our most recent SavingTeens teen.   

My son arrived at a small family style residential home at the start of June. This was on the heels of a little over 2 months in wilderness therapy.  This therapeutic program is a family style environment which is a gift because that has been a huge challenge for my son. He’s never learned how to be part of a team, he barely functions in groups.

Going into a long term placement is giving my son the ability to have constant safe, loving supervision. He has daily therapy and group therapy and a safe consistent environment. He is learning to work on his interpersonal skills and learning anger management techniques. We have weekly family therapy sessions via Skype each week so we can work on our family dynamics and I can be updated on what’s happening with my son on a regular basis.

We have also established care with a psychiatrist who is working on lowering medications to the proper amount needed. The staff at the group home is going above and beyond to make sure we have a great plan and amazing communication.

I can’t even explain how grateful I am that we are a SavingTeens family. After years of unproductive family and personal therapy, increasing violence and then nearly weekly visits from the police to come calm my son down I ran out of hope. Finding SavingTeens has given me hope again, I never imagined finding a group who was committed not just to a fast treatment option but for a long term solution.

I had a nice visit with my son a few weeks ago, its been a long time since we had a nice time together. I look forward to more nice visits and an improved relationship and a child who is once again happy.

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