Scholarship Database

Scholarship Database

SavingTeens In Crisis Collaborative is pursuing an initiative for the therapeutic schools and programs industry, related to collecting scholarships and matching them with needy families. There are many programs that offer scholarships or reduced tuition, either through SavingTeens or on their own. These scholarships present a wonderful opportunity to effectively help struggling families in crisis. While we have a database of scholarships already, we realize it represents a small percentage of the overall opportunities available. We know there are many other scholarships available from programs which are never utilized simply because suitable families are not aware they exist. We hope our opening and expanding our scholarship database with the assistance of NATSAP members, IECA members, and other qualified programs will alleviate this problem, and allow for help to be more forthcoming for families in need.

The Goal

To document all of the available scholarships in one location, affording those families one single place to go to ascertain whether there is appropriate help available. The point of contact initially could be through a family directly, or perhaps an IECA member working pro Bono on behalf of a family in need. The key is that there will be one comprehensive source of options and a procedure for mapping those scholarships with a needy family.

The Process

SavingTeens has a successful and formal methodology for evaluating families from a financial and social perspective. Upon receiving a formal request for assistance, financial aid forms are filled out, interviews are conducted, and assessments are made about the family’s ability to support the programs, the process, and the individual in crisis, for the determined time line. For those families that are truly needy financially and meet the other requirements, our pro Bono network of nationally known, expert educational consultants are responsible for insuring that the families are matched with an appropriate program.

Expanding the Database

If your organization does or is willing to offer partial or full scholarships we would like to include this in the Database. Organizations offering scholarships are featured on our website as collaborators if the donating programs desires. The scholarships will be accessible only through the educational consultants looking for help for a particular family, as a way of insuring we have individuals placed in programs based on the therapeutic fit rather than on the availability of scholarship.

Please contact Ann Tomassini for specific details about including your organization’s scholarship in the Registry.