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Saving Teens In Crisis Collaborative Merges with Alldredge Family Foundation

Saving Teens In Crisis Collaborative (Saving Teens) is very pleased to announce that we are expanding in order to serve even more families.  Saving Teens has recently merged with the Alldredge Family Foundation (AFF), a charitable organization also dedicated to supporting struggling teens and their families.
The unique mission of Saving Teens In Crisis Collaborative is to bring a teen and family through an individualized long-term plan for recovery, from the point of crisis, through 18-24 months of evaluation, intervention and education, to a promising future.  Alldredge Family Foundation was founded to provide support
for families whose teen had already completed a therapeutic residential program.  Their program evolved into a focus on “after care” services, including scholarship awards for families who might not otherwise be able to afford the professional counseling that is often so critical during the transition and adjustment back to family and school life.  Nearly 70 families have received financial support under AFF’s aftercare scholarship program since 2005.

The Alldredge Family Foundation and its program have now merged with and will operate under the name of Saving Teens In Crisis Collaborative.  To families and our friends in the therapeutic and educational communities, we are now one, and can now offer an expanded level of services to families in need.

Saving Teens will continue to offer funding to teens from the point of crisis all the way through graduation and after care, but will additionally be able to assist families whose teens have already graduated from a program, so that they can make a successful transition home and stay on the path toward a healthy adulthood.

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