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NYC Marathon

SavingTeens Founder, John Reuben Running NYC Marathon In Honor Of His Son Michael                                                                             


Updates From John On Training Status

Well the race is over and life goes on! On behalf of SavingTeens In Crisis Collaborative, thanks to all of you that supported my efforts.
Special kudos to Marty Flynn (www.scenye.com) and Kristen Conklin www.kristenleighconklin.com) for their efforts recording the journey.
I hope that all of you that haven’t will view the last video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUqBPyW_rFY
and consider helping us reach our goal at https://app.etapestry.com/hosted/SavingTeensinCrisisCollabo/OnlineDonation2.html
Running, walking, limping to represent all of you was a real honor. The next time you will hear from me will be my next race, a year or so from now.
Best regards,
Thursday, November 11th

Please check out the awesome video that Kristen Conklin did of the run! And consider helping us get to that $40,000 goal!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUqBPyW_rFY

Tuesday, November 9th

Well folks it was a long day Sunday, my apologies that I have not written sooner.
My doctor was always concerned that my leg might give out during the race and told me so. He advised that I rest it us to the very start of the race to give it as much time as possible. So I did.
Sunday was a beautiful day and I was positioned for a great run and fabulous time. Thanks to a lot of hard work and all your support I was in the best shape of my life. I had my wonderful family including my partner Vicki, her kids, and my son Max. I was ready to rock.
The moment I put my foot down to run I knew it was going to be a LONG day. The injured leg would not hold any weight. I could walk, hobble, limp, but nothing else. My first mile was a pathetic 10 minutes and it went downhill from there. I was soon all alone as the entire first group of runners had completely blown by me. That turned out to be a reoccurring theme Sunday.
So what to do? I definitely thought about stopping but I just could not conscience it. I saw my family three miles in and limped by, avoiding them, afraid I would just pack it in if I talked to them.
Addicts don’t get a doctor’s note, they can’t stop the race and take a cab to the hotel. I felt this overwhelming need to finish even though it was shaping up to be an over 6 hour, painful experience.
But as the miles went by and I learned to deal with the pain I started to appreciate just finishing every mile, listening to every song on my iPod, relating with members of the awesome NYC crowd. I started to see what a beautiful city NYC is. Going over the bridges was an almost religious experience and I must have looked like a nutcase singing my heart out, playing air guitar, and limp running. Pain is pleasure? Never believed it but it can be true.
So over 6 hours later I walked across the finish line a very happy man. Cold, limping, and disappointed about my time, but feeling like I had done my best to justify all your support and been true to myself as a person, as a finisher.
There will be a video completed in the next few days so you can see it all in living color and I will send out an email then.
For now I want to remind you that we are NOT finished. We have only raised over $23,000. We still need $17,000 to make our goal together. Let’s finish strong and win one for the kids! Reach into your pockets and your rolodex and let’s make that number.
Finally, I want to thank all of you for your support. It was a major factor in my crossing the finish line. I was honored to represent you and commit that we will change lives with this money, for the better.
Keep you eyes out for the video!
Thursday, November 4th
Today is always a really tough day for me, one of the two toughest I experience each year.
November 4th is my son Michael’s birthday, today he would have been 25. Unfortunately drug addiction prevented him from this and many other passages in life.
We talked about the power of 4. A 4 hour marathon, a $40,000 dollar goal……and with that we have November 4th.
Please stop for a minute and think about 4 people can engage in our cause or maybe just donating $4, $40, $400, or $4,000 dollars. Every dollar counts.
This is going to be my last email before the race. I need a break to ready myself. If you are interested on how this all works out, the race that is, please go to the link below and sign up to track my progress. My bib number is 20872
Thanks again for your support. It has been incredible.
See you at the finish line!



Wednesday, November 3rd
I tried to get on the elliptical machine and that did not work out so well but the physical therapist said I am good to go for the run on Sunday. The catch is that no one really knows what will happen until I try. He suggests that I give it complete rest until Sunday. So I guess we’ll know then.
One thing is for certain, it will be a tough week next week afterwards, lots of pain. That’s okay as long as it helps some families. My leg will get better a lot quicker than my heart has from the pain of drug addiction in my family. That pain is forever.
We are getting really close to race day and still have a long way to go. We have raised just over $20,000 and still need a lot more to make the $40,000. They say that you reach a wall after 20 miles of running during a marathon and that is when you really need to reach within yourself to finish.
Help me power over that $20,000 wall on the way to success at $40,000. Hit the donate button!!


Monday, November 1st


The saga continues. The doctor said I can try and run and see what happens. The physical therapist is going to see me three times this week. Why can’t life ever be easy? Why should this be easy? The families we help feel the pain every day, never ending. Let’s stop their pain! Hit that donate button today!




Sunday, October 31st 
Bad luck on Halloween weekend. Fell down a flight of stairs and injured both legs and bruised my collarbone, so no running this weekend. The left leg is pretty bag but icing it like crazy and seeing a sports doctor tomorrow. So have no fear! The run is happening because finishing is a MUST. Help us finish the fundraising! Contribute today and pass the word!


Friday, October 29th


5 miles ran yesterday through the woods on a glorious New England day. I am a lucky man. Please take a look at our latest video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7v91g1TYs0



Wednesday, October 27th




5 yesterday and 5 more today. Seems like this all started only yesterday and in ten days I will be doing the marathon. It was warm today and I was grateful as I ran late, it was raining in the morning.



So off I went in the pitch dark with my head lamp on. It is an eerie feeling running in the dark, thank God for that light! Help me give some light to some people lost in the darkness of addiction. Pass the word on before the race!!!

Monday, October 25th


20 miles this weekend. The last tough weekend of training. The beginning of the homestretch towards the goals, the power of 4, raise $40,000 and run a sub 4 hour marathon.
Two weeks to go. Are there 4 things you can do? 4 people you can contact about SavingTeens? $40 dollars you can contribute? 40 minutes on the phone? 400 emails? Make 4 a magic number for some troubled and needy families. Make it happen!!!


Saturday, October 23rd 
Long week with the flu! Did get most of my runs (7 today) while sick in but need to make up ground this weekend. I figured that we all need to make sacrifices for the cause, mine being some difficult runs.
We also need to do the same on the fundraising front! Please pass the word along, only two weeks left! Give it all to turn some lives around!


Sunday, October 17th 
What a run! 22 miles down the Pacific coast from Santa Cruz. Big thanks to my friends Jeff and Claudia Duvernois for helping me with my route by the beach. Surfers, sea lions, beautiful views, and the feeling only a really long run can give.
It was my last long one and my best so far. I am ready to give it all for the cause, the cause of every family out there suffering from this deadly disease. Help us help them, reach in to your own self and support us!!



Thursday, October 14th 


Long week on the road but got my runs in. One more long run on Saturday of 22. So the training is almost over. We still have a long way to go fundraising wise. If you haven’t contributed yet……….please consider it!


Saturday/Sunday, October 9th/10th 
13 great miles on Saturday. 5 today as well. One more week of 45 and I start ramping down. Long message today which I hope you will read on our site. www.savingteens.org/nymarathon
Today I was going through some files from my son Michael’s computer from right before he passed. I did so because this run and SavingTeens are in his memory. The documents were ones he wrote while beginning his recovery which last close to two years and culminated in his living independently with a great job where he performed at a very high level of competency. More importantly he began to connect with his family and form functional, trusting relationships with peers.
Michael writes also repeatedly about the perspective he was gaining on where drugs had taken his life and his “person”. Much of it is very disturbing but the net result is a young adult that has gotten real perspective on the type of person he is and more importantly, wants to be. This is because he had the repeated professional support to go on this soul searching journey. Every kid deserves this and that’s why I run.
I leave you with this quote from Mike and his relationship with God. Acceptance of a “higher power” is the first step of a long recovery process that every addict needs to go through to get well. 
“That means that I will put my every effort into doing what he would want and not what I want. To stop trying to control everything and change outcomes which I can’t do anyways. To just let things happen as it happens and to basically just stop interfering. To trust him and trust that he’ll make things happen the way that it should.” 
I love you Mike, wherever you are, we are thinking of you and doing what we can to make your tragedy something positive for others. I run for you and all the Mike’s out there.



Wednesday, October 7th
Nice 7 miler around the lake after a slow couple days. Some great donations coming in, greatly appreciated. Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfLs4ZTh53A


Friday/Saturday, October 1st/2nd
Ran 3 more on Friday and a grueling 20 on Saturday. Only one more really long training run to go of 22.
Spent a lot of time thinking about my son, Max, who is also a victim of this disease. Max does not have an issue but has been greatly impacted by the family side of the disease. Despite all this he is a functional, hard working, young adult carrying two jobs and a college curriculum. He himself is a testament to the ability to triumph over almost anything. That 20 was for him!
We are running out of time and have a long way to go. Every dollar counts!!

Wednesday/Thursday, September 28th/29th



Ran 6 on Tuesday, and 4 today. Overslept AGAIN! Will take it pretty slow tomorrow as I do 20 on Saturday. Any suggestions on what tunes to play?






On another note I have realized that my lucky number must be 4. Why? Well I want to raise $40,000 for SavingTeens and run a 4 hour marathon. And there are other 4’s as well but that’s confidential!



This has been verified by a very reputable source, a fortune cookie which gave me the following LUCKY NUMBERS – 49, 47, 14, 34, 4, 4. Now do you believe me??

Consider giving $40, $400, or $4,000 and get lucky by helping make some real luck for an addicted teenager. Pass on your luck to them!




Tuesday, September 28th
6 in the rain this morning at a pretty brisk pace powered by Simple Plan and Everclear. God Bless Rock & Roll!! If you have not donated yet consider at least a dollar per mile! We’ll even take $25!!!
Monday, September 27th 
A great weekend of running! Thought I had lost my mojo on Saturday when I ran my 15, VERY slow, so I laid off the podcasts and turned on the Black Crowes! And I ran like the wind for 7.5 the following day. 
Feeling much better about making my goal, at least the 4 hour marathon. Now we just need to raise that $40,000. So how can you help? Here are some suggestions from one of our longstanding supporters.
“One idea could be as simple as asking straight up for donations from your own family, friends. Direct requests often surprise us the most with donars’ responses. You can also ask a local merchant to host a benefit with a portion of the proceeds going to SavingTeens. There are also all sorts of matching corporate contributions that could nicely support your efforts.  The big corporations are the obvious, but you’d be surprised how many small and mid size business do the same. You can even throw your own football party and have your guests donate $1, $5, or $10 for every point scored in the game. For all my “program” friends, what if staff and the students collectively pulled together their own type of fund raising effort and donated all proceeds to SavingTeens?  The creative opportunities are endless.”
Now that’s what I call a creative thinker!!! She is a runner of course!!!
Thursday, September 23rd 
I am the luckiest guy in the world. Running in the conservation lands. Seven heavenly miles!!
We all are not so lucky, especially the families that SavingTeens helps. Times are tough for all of us but think how much better you feel when you help others. Much better than that new car you were going to buy! J Pay it forward!
Wednesday, September 22nd 
Five miles around the lake this morning. Days are going by quick! Will be in NYC any day now.
We recently filmed one of the kids we have funded and have a video of him available to view. If you’d like to see it please contact me directly at jreuben@savingteens.org for a private invitation. It is a really wonderful story.
Tuesday, September 21st 
Six miles today. Only six weeks left till race. Still a lot of money needed to reach our goal. Can you help?
Joke Of The Day: 

Beware of Bears
Two hikers on a trail came around the bend to find an enormous brown bear about 75 yards up the trail. The bear spies them and begins running toward them at a full gallop. One hiker drops his backpack, sits down, throws off his boots, and starts lacing up a pair of running shoes. The other hiker says: “What are you doing? You will never outrun that bear!”. The first hiker replies: “I don’t have to outrun the bear…” 
Sunday, September 19th 
20 miles today and felt strong at the end.
Getting close now to run, SIX WEEKS!!
Still are FAR way from our goal.
Need your help!!! www.savingteens.org
JOKE- Deciding to take up jogging

Deciding to take up jogging, the man was astounded by the wide selection of jogging shoes available at the local sports shoe store. While trying on a basic pair of jogging shoe, he noticed a minor feature and asked the clerk: “What is this little pocket thing here on the side for?” And the clerk: “Oh, that’s to carry spare change so you can call your wife to come pick you up when you’ve jogged too far.” 
Thursday, September 16th  
Thursday, it must be Albany!!! Ran on the treadmill, 4 long ones on the treadmill.
One man’s hobby was running, he spent all his weekends on the park trails, paying no attention to weather. One Sunday, early in the morning, he went to the park as usual. It was still dark, cold and raining, so he decided to return back to his house. He came in, went to his bedroom, undressed and laid near his wife. “What terrible weather today honey,” he said to her. “Yes,” she replied “but my idiot husband still went running!
Wednesday, September 15th
Wednesday, it must be Arkansas. 6 miles in the heat followed up by the best chicken meal of my life. Tyson chicken…..finger lickin, deserving of a chicken joke! This is in honor of my fallen comrade I saw on the road running .……
Why did the chicken cross the road ?

To prove to the possum that it could be done !
Tuesday, September 14th 
Six miles, slow ones. Have a bad cold but still trying to stay on track. Going on a long trip this week and should have some good stories for you.
So I asked Vicki last night: “What do you love most about me? My tremendous athletic ability or my superior intellect?” “What I love most about you,” she responded, “is your enormous sense of humor.
So give me some love folks! Make a donation!
Monday, September 13th 
What a long week last week was. Very emotional and too busy! Not my best running week but was over 35 miles. This week will be better.
As the training wears on it becomes very easy to let it go for a day. I actually fell in that trap Saturday but recovered on Sunday. I thought about Mike and how he had to fight EVERY day to stay alive. I am grateful I had the resources to give him the tools he had that kept him with us long enough for him to show us what a talented guy he was, and what a fighter.
Help me fight! Fight this disease. Work your network and BEG your employer!
Thursday, September 9th 
Nice 7 miles through the woods. Thinking of ways I can accelerate the donations for the run. Any ideas?
Wednesday, September 8th 
Thank you all for all your support yesterday. Ran 5 miles this morning. Looking forward to a holiday dinner with close friends and family. Happy New Year!! Start the new year by helping the cause!
Tuesday, September 7th
A very sad day. I lost my son Michael exactly two years ago to heroin addiction. I ran 6 miles today with a heavy heart. No one should feel like I do, ever. SavingTeens was created to prevent this. Please help us. Donate, pass the word, lobby your employer. Stop the tears.
Monday, September 6th 
No run on Monday but did 20 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. Had forgotten how challenging 20 can be, especially in the heat, not nearly as excruciating as what are families are going through though. Help us help them.
On another note, not so happy, I received a call from Bill, an associate of a guy I do business with. He just found out his son has a very bad heroin habit and wondering what he can do to help him. My heart is hurting for him and his son Josh. Another young person I will be running for in November.
Thursday, September 2nd 
Ran 6 on the treadmill. Was traveling and the hotel was in a bad area. Which leads me to a funny story.
Had just finished running, starting to stretch and realized I had forgotten to pack dress pants. Oh boy! Just a suit coat, dress shirt, tie, and CARGO shorts! So off I went to Marshalls to buy some pants but had the forethought to have the front desk clerk at the hotel take a really funny picture! You can find it on my Facebook page or LinkedIn.
I then proceeded to the account who I showed the picture to and a good laugh was had by all! Nice to have such a good life where all I had to do is get in my car and whip out the Mastercard to solve my problems.
Not everyone is so fortunate, especially not the folks we are helping. They need your help. HELP US!!!
Wednesday, September 1st 
Ran 6 both yesterday and today. Goal is 45 miles this week with a long run of 20 on Saturday. Hope the weather is good. We need your help! Donate or tell a friend!
My friend Michelle emailed me yesterday about her 14 year old stepchild that just had to go off to rehab. The problem is that the three weeks that insurance will pay rarely results in a permanent solution. So what does a family do from there? Either they mortgage their house and future to pull the $50,000 to $100,000 together needed for additional treatment or watch in horror as their child changes before their eyes.
Help us prevent this tragedy! Pass the cause on. 
Monday, August 30th 
Interesting weekend. Was down in Curacao, very hot climate 90+ degrees, VERY!! Ran hard on both Friday and Saturday and had Sunday and today off. I was so hammered by the heat  that Vicki demanded that I relax. So I did try but felt bad because I am so wrapped up in raising money and helping more families this year, but I did comply J. So a bit of an off week, about 38 miles last week.
Long week coming up and over 45 miles so wish me luck. Please pass on the word!! www.savingteens.org
Thursday, August 26th 
Another tale of two cities. Sort of loafed it and only ran 3 miles in Central Park. Tomorrow a short one in the gym. Its hot here in Miami!!
Spent a couple hours responding to donations and all the wonderful comments. One of them was about another young man that lost his life to addiction. His name is Shaun and his name will be on my shirt come race day. If you know another youth that you want to be remembered please send on their name. No cost, it will be my honor to run in their memory.
Finally, please welcome Curtiss-Wright Company to the growing list of corporate sponsors. Consider talking about it with your employer!! Catch that wave!!
Wednesday, August 24th 
Still raining and too hard for outdoors so I gutted it out on the treadmill. Tonight I have had the distinct pleasure of sitting at Logan Airport waiting on a flight to NYC. I probably should have run. It would have taken less time! One great thing though…..$350 came in while I was waiting. Now that’s what I call patience rewarded!!! 
Tuesday, August 23rd 
It was raining but I still did my six miles. Pick 6 friends that you can tell about our cause!!! www.savingteens.org/nymarathon
Sunday, August 21st
Did my 18 yesterday, mostly trails. 3 more today. My request of you. Tell 18 people this weekend about www.savingteens.org/nymarathon!
Friday, August 20th
3 miles this morning, getting ramped up for 18 tomorrow. The donations continue to flow in. Check out the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfLs4ZTh53A
Thursday, August 19th
Another AWESOME five miles today. Getting ready for 18 on Saturday. Wish me luck!
On another note, we are really ramping up on the corporate sponsors. Just yesterday Aternity Inc. and Nintendo joined our cause. Please do what you can to get your company to participate, only $250!
Wednesday, August 18th 
Don’t worry folks! Still running, just traveling a LOT. Did runs on Sunday, Monday, and this morning of 5 miles. Still hoping all of you will think of ten people to tell about the cause, saving families. 
Saturday, August 14th
Ran 9 miles before dawn today. We are having a retreat for SavingTeens In Crisis Collaborative today. Board members have flown in from all over the country to strategize ways we can maximize our impact as an organization so we can help more families. Please consider helping us or at least socializing our message with other folks. www.savingteens.org/nymarathon
Friday The 13th!!! 
I felt lucky today so ran 8 miles this morning. And of course I am lucky, unlike so many of the families we help at SavingTeens In Crisis Collaborative. We are stuck just below $5,000. We need your help!!!!! Contact your friends, network at your company. Pass it forward!!!!
5 miles over lunch. Up near $5,000 now. Please talk to your friends about us!! There are families in crisis that need our help.
5 hot miles today. We are are up to $4,810 in donations. Help us make $10,000 this week!! Watch the video, pass it on!!
It was a great weekend of running on Martha’s Vineyard. 18 on Saturday and 4 more on Sunday. The long run Saturday had me thinking a lot about my son Mike and how much I miss him, the emptiness I feel so often over losing him. It makes me even more determined to try and help that next family. I need your help. Get others involved. Look through your contact list today!
No run today but we are still taking donations. Watch the film! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfLs4ZTh53A

6 miles in the torrid heat today. The big news is our video. Please take 4 minutes to see it and pass it on to your friends, family, and associates. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfLs4ZTh53A
No where to run in NYC so I had to run my 4 miles in the gym. But I ran fast. Unfortunately the donations are coming slower. HELP US!!! Pass the link on.
Great weekend of running! 13.5 on Saturday, 5 on Sunday, and 4 more this morning. Getting up and running every day, consistency, is SO important. Because for great results you need long term consistency. Just like the teens we fund with long term, consistent treatment. It’s the only way to kick this disease. Please help us help more families!!!
Unlike an addict trying to kick the habit, I get a day off every once and a while. We need your help to save these families! 
Hill run today of 6 ½ around the lake. Thinking a lot about my son Michael and how happy he would be with all your support! We are still a long way from $40,000. 
Another 5 miles today at a good clip. Ran the trails and got bitten up from the mosquitos but NO PAIN NO GAIN. Let’s help some families gain today! Talk to your employer!
Great start to the week with a very fast 5 miles. Hoping we can get donations coming fast as well. Remember to talk to your employer about being a corporate sponsor, only $250!!
Great weekend. Ran 15 miles on Saturday, all hills and brutal heat. Sunday I did 3 miles plus several swims. Feelin GREAT!
Thought a lot about the calls we get from families that we get looking for help. Talk about climbing a hill in the heat, kid out of control and nowhere to turn. Hoping you all will pass along this link to others you know that might want to help!
We are up to close to $4,000 only $36,000 to go!!



Great news! We found the cat. Got up this morning and celebrated with a 7 miler. Felt great. We have raised over $3,000!! Only $37,000 to go. Please send out our link to at least five people today!! www.savingteens.org/nymarathon

7-22-10 – Thursday

No run today. Our cat is missing and we are canvassing the neighborhood. Need to double up tomorrow with 7 miles! Pass it forward  www.savingteens.org/nymarathon

7-21-10 – Wednesday 

Three miles was all I could muster today, not enough sleep for this old man! So it was hard going but the fact that WE RAISED OVER $1200 dollars yesterday made it a LOT easier. We are on our way!

Don’t forget to send out something about my run and SavingTeens In Crisis Collaborative to all your friends, family, associates, clients, EVERYBODY. We can save some families together.

No other kids should be lost to this disease…………….

7-20-10 – Tuesday 

Tuesdays are always the toughest because it is after my one day off from running. Today was no different. 32 miles is this week’s goal and a tough one.


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