Other Ways to Help

Parents and Family Members:

Parents of troubled teens who are either currently in a therapeutic program or school, or who are alumni of these programs are an important resource for Saving Teens.  You alone have felt the true panic that accompanies the realization that your children are in crisis, and have witnessed the dramatic impact of intervention and educational, emotional growth programs.

Parents can help our cause by:


Educational Consultants:

Educational consultants have been instrumental in our progress to date and continue to be a source of support on a variety of levels. Saving Teens® In Crisis Collaborative has been featured in the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) newsletter and participated in a Panel on Philanthropy at the IECA Convention in May of 2005.

Educational consultants can help our cause by:

Programs and Schools:

Programs and schools have been extremely supportive in their willingness to provide scholarships and let their existing clients and alumni know about Saving Teens® In Crisis Collaborative.

Programs and schools can help our cause by: