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Boston Marathon

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John Reuben took on Heartbreak Hill and run the Boston Marathon in honor of SavingTeens In Crisis Collaborative. SavingTeens supporters and their friends came out in force to cheer John on during the race and to rejoice in both the triumph over 26.3 miles of New England real estate, and the simple pleasure of giving back to those less fortunate.

Everyone gathered afterwards at the Westin in Copley Square near the finish line for a Marathon Day Party to celebrate with delicious food, drinks, the beautiful and unique jewelry of One Pearl, and of course, many terrific people. Many thanks to the Boston Westin Copley Hotel for their generous donation of rooms and services that made this event possible

Just 5 months earlier, John ran the November 2005 NY Marathon, though he had only been running for a year or so, and had never run a marathon before. He decided to run that marathon out of a deep-seated passion for struggling teenagers, and the personal experience he has had raising his sons on his own for the last 5 years.

Both sons have had their struggles, and John has been lucky enough to be able to provide them with access to the programs that could help. Their success heightened his desire to assist less fortunate families, and so, in parallel with his own sons’ recovery and the formation of SavingTeens In Crisis Collaborative, John worked hard to fulfill his personal goal of running a full marathon.

Completing the marathon became a metaphor both for what John and his sons have achieved over the last few years, and for what Savin Teens will do for other struggling teens and their families.

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